Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*Tuesdays* with Maddy

Everyday with Maddy...is sweeter than the day before!! Well, that's my excuse for not blogging on Monday atleast!

Little Miss ate some garlic butter from Little Ceasars on Sunday evening and got sick as a dog! Three loads of laundry throughout the night, and 4 hours of sleep was rough! Combine sleep deprivation with the fact that my computer got a horrible virus on Monday afternoon, and by the time my favorite IT guy had time to fix it, I was already in bed, sick as a dog. It's been an adventure the past couple of days!

Maddy has said some funny things lately, and I try my best to write them down when she says them, but that doesn't always happen and then I forget. Here are a few that I did write down....

*After Wednesday night Team Kids: "Whew, I have fun with my friends, but they sure do wear me out!"

*Sunday night/Monday morning around midnight as we were cleaning her up: "Gosh how in the world am I gonna make it through the night?" : (

During devotion, we were talking about good qualities and Ryan asked her, "What is one thing that God sees when he looks at you?" We were aiming toward a "friendly" or "kind" answer, but she thinks for a minute and then looks up and says, "CUTE!"

Yes, she sure is cute! That's why she's survived almost 7 years!! TOTALLY kidding....well, kinda!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mondays With Maddy

Maddy was in a wedding on Saturday and did great. The only hard part was telling her to be still....constantly. I felt like I was speaking to a wall! This girl can NOT be still. No, I am not medicating her. I don't feel that's right. She's a child, and children are supposed to be bouncy, happy, playing little people. LOL! If she just sat there all the time, then I'd be worried. The only time she sits still is in Church (because she fears the wrath of her mother!), school, and if we go to a movie. Movies at home, well, you'll find her watching TV with her legs behind her head, doing splits, and cartwheels. No lie! But, don't let that fool you, because she can recall everything in the movie!

I think she has found a new buddy in Crystal. Normally, she doesn't say too much about the adults in her life, but Crystal, well...Maddy has fallen in love with her. Crystal was busy getting her pictures taken and Maddy said, "I'll be right back!" So she jumps up from our table and runs to Crystal, just to tell her that she's going to see grandma and grandpa after the wedding! That is so out of character for Maddy to do that, so she must love her new cousin!

The only other thing to report is that she is getting very tall! I don't notice it, because I see her every day and it's very gradual. But it showed in her dress. When I bought her dress back in July, she stood bare feet and it touched the floor. When she put it on Saturday, it was atleast 3 inches off the floor! I had no idea she had grown that much in 3 months! She may be tall like her daddy afterall!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays...on Friday!

Better late than never, huh?!

I am thankful for....

1)PBS! <-So I can get breaks during the day!

2)Happy Cow Milk <-Because not only is it the healthiest milk, it is soooo good!

3)Pumpkin muffins from Rose Hill<-Enough said!

4)Almost being done with school for the week <-Because of a very self-motivated little girl!

5)The Doctors TV show <-For providing me information about health!

6)Tri-Art at Clemson University <-For the $2 plays we get to go to!!

7)American Girls!!! <-although, my bank account isn't very thankful!

8)Our Wednesday night class that Ryan and I teach <-We have a themed week each week and this past week was crazy feet week! Ryan and I have more fun than the kids!

9)Our church <-We are so spoiled by awesome people and the most wonderful pastor ever!

10)My cousin, Michael, is marrying my great friend, Crystal tomorrow! We are thrilled to have her a part of our family (officially). LOL!

So, there you have it! Short and sweet and to the point!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mondays with Maddy

My little girl is a mess!!! But she's also a sweetheart and I love her so much! I have truly been blessed beyond belief to be chosen to be her mom. I will be starting a Monday blog with all of her latest "sayings" and "doings".

Saturday night, Ryan and I wanted to watch a movie so we tried to get her to go to bed a little earlier than she normally would. She normally goes to bed around 9pm. We told her to go brush her teeth and get ready for bed. She ran to the kitchen clock and said, (with her hand on her hip, mind you!) "Umm...is this clock broken or something?" I said, "No, not that I know of." And she came back with "Well, it says it's 8:00 and I don't go to bed till 9!" Gah she doesn't miss a thing! She's smarter than her parents sometimes!

She did end up going to bed shortly after 8, btw! She didn't win that battle! This is how we normally find her whenever we head to bed....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I've officially caught the crud that's going around. But God says to praise Him in the good times and bad, so here it goes..

1)I'm thankful for Alka Seltzer Cold! In the midst of feeling like a big pile of poop, it gives me a little relief atleast.

2)I'm thankful that the rest of my family hasn't caught this yet!

3)I'm thankful that we took this week off from school!

4)I'm thankful that I have pretty much lost my voice, so that way if I'm asked a question I don't want to answer, I can plead the 5th! LOL!

5)I'm thankful for the ability to stay in my pajamas all day if I want.

6)I'm thankful that my husband loves me for who I am and not what I look like, because I haven't looked good at all this week. LOL!

7)I'm thankful that my daughter knows how to make her own waffles(frozen) in the morning so I can still sleep even if she wakes up before me.

8)I'm thankful for my comforter set because it came at a good time!

9)I'm thankful for the black out curtains we bought to go along with the set. They filter 98% of the light that comes through our room so it's nice and dark in there!

10)I'm thankful for a very independent daughter, who understands when her mommy is sick and knows how to play by herself.

So, there you have it! I can be sick and still be thankful! Gosh I surprised myself!

This is what my sweet daughter did all afternoon while her sick mama was in bed!!

Ooops...let me add something here. Since my uncle likes to stalk my blog, here is a shout out to him...
I am thankful for my uncle, Keith. I am thankful that he (so far atleast) is the only sane uncle I have, he doesn't scratch and sniff like someone else I know, and for giving me those mudslides and strawberry shortcakes years ago. Haha!