Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can you tell she loves to read?

We're organizing books today. She's racked up quiet a collection. There were alot more, but we gave them away, when we didn't expect another baby in the house. Oh well! I don't think E will hurt for any books. LOL!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trophy Time!

Last night was the Team Foothills Annual Banquet. Maddy was so excited because she got her GymKix trophy, as well as her 5 year trophy. Yes, you read that right. My big girl is only 6 and got a 5 year trophy. LOL! She started gymnastics at Foothills when she was 13 months old and has stuck it out this long. We had a rough year when she turned 3, because it was then that she went to her "big girl class". Until then, Ryan or I were always with her in the "parent/tot" class. That was always more of a workout for me than it was for her. LOL! Then she turned 3 and moved to a class where mommy and daddy had to stay behind the window. That really upset her and she didn't want to go out with the other kids. So, for a good 6 months, Ryan or I sat out in the gym on the sidelines to give her the peace that she needed. She loved the sport, just not doing it without us.

The next year when she turned 4, she was asked to be a part of GymKix. It's a performance team that travels around to different College ball games as well as school functions and nursing homes, etc. It took about 3 months and then she became a totally different child. She was still a little skeptical, so every performance I would just pray, "Lord please let her go out there without me". They might have expected me to fill in for her, and the thought of me doing a backbend or a cartwheel, well, they might as well go aheand and have 911 programed into their phone. Hahaa! By the end of that year, she was a shining star. This year was no different. She was front and center on her routine and had all the self confidence in the world. I still wonder where did this child come from. All those days I wanted to choke her for screaming and crying for me, well, they were worth it, I guess. ; )

She'll continue GymKix another year this coming year, but unfortunately, Mrs. Krista won't. : ( She has been Maddy's gymnastics instructor since she was a baby, and we will miss her sooooo much! Maddy has learned so much from Mrs. Krista. Last year she learned her backbend kickout, and this year she learned her back handspring! All thanks goes to Mrs. Krista for working with her and helping her along the way. We'll miss you, Krista! And to our big girl, way to go! We're very proud of you! Just one request though, can you pass on some of your endurance and flexibility? LOL!

With Mrs. Krista, the one to thank for Maddy's gymnastics skills.

Posing with her GymKix trophy and 5 yr gymnastics trophy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yogurt Feeder!

Your Maddy-ism of the day...

She was feeding E some yogurt while I folded the laundry. I told E, "Wow you have yogurt all over you!" And Maddy said, "Yeah, well, I guess I'm not a very good yogurt feeder." It's never a boring moment at our house!