Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is snow?

Our unit study has been on weather for the past two weeks, and today we talked about snow.

So, what is snow? The book says that snowflakes are made of air, water, and dust. They are made in high clouds.

So, Maddy, what is snow?
M: "Snow is ice cream that doesn't taste like anything!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Elephant Book

God made the elephant.
What a huge animal he is!
God gave him large ears.
He can hear sounds well with his ears.
He can cool his body from the hot sun by waving them back and forth.

The elephant has a large nose called a trunk.
He can smell well, but he cannot see well.
His eyes are small and weak.
The elephant can hear and smell danger before it is near.
He does not have to see it.

The elephant eats grass, leaves, and fruit.
He is big, so he must eat much food.
When he eats, he uses his trunk to bring food to his mouth.

The elephant drinks water with his trunk, too.
He sucks water up into his trunk like a straw.
Then he shoots the water into his mouth.
When he is hot and needs a shower, he sprays water with his trunk.

The elephant can do many things with his trunk.
He can pick leaves from trees.
He can haul big, heavy logs.
Or he can pick up just one nut!

God gave the elephant two tusks.
His tusks are big teeth.
He can dig up roots with his tusks.
He uses his tusks when he has to fight.

When the elephant is tired, he may lie down on his side to sleep.
But sometimes he sleeps standing up!

Elephants live in large groups called herds.
They must look for food and water.
If one elephant is sick, all of the elephants stop.
When the elephant gets well, all the elephants will start to look for food again.
Elephants take good care of each other.

Maybe you have seen elephants in a circus.
Men can train elephants to do tricks.
Others are trained to work hard.
God gave you a mom and dad to train you to be a hard worker.

You might be taller than a baby elephant.
But a baby elephant weighs much more!
When he is born, a baby elephant weighs about 200 pounds.

That is why God made the elephants with heavy legs.
God made the elephant just right!

No, I did not just develop a typers cramp in my hand to teach you about elephants. Hopefully you already know all about them and what a great creature they are! I typed that out, because that is the latest book that Maddy has read. We are doing a summer reading with ABeka books, and she read that book today, word for word, with no mistakes! And in case you're wondering, no, she has not ever seen this book before...LOL! We are so proud of her! She is such a fast learner, and it gives me so much joy in my heart to know....I did that!

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Official...she's a Kindergartner!

Our baby girl is growing up! She started K5 today, and if you're wondering why on earth we start school in the middle of summer, it's because we do year-round school. We decided to try it this way and see how it goes. We start after the 4th of July, and finish up mid to late May. Instead of taking the whole summer off in June and July, we take all of December and all of June off. Besides, what is a kid going to do in the dead of summer in SC? If you guess sit in front of the TV and become a couch potato, you guessed it right! So why not do something productive and learn? Of course, kids learn every day whether they are in a classroom setting or not. They see our actions and learn from them, which means we all should be the ones setting examples for our children, and hope and pray that we bring them up to know the Lord, and to be a respectful adult.

Maddy did very well. Honestly, the work was a bit tedious! The curriculum we chose is called From what I have been told, it's a pretty advanced curriculum, and the best thing is....I don't have to do lesson plans. They put it out there for you and you work off of their lesson plans. What I thought was silly was the phonics lesson today, and for the next few weeks. Maddy has become an excellent reader and is reading on a 2nd-3rd grade level now, so the phonics is nothing but a review for her. She doesn't seem to mind, and we keep it fun, and that's what counts. She has been reading out of her summer reading books and is doing wonderful! She doesn't even need our help anymore. She can pick up most any children's book and read away now! I am so proud of her and the feeling that I have knowing that I taught her what she will take with her the rest of her life is unexplainable!

We celebrated her first day by going to her favorite store...Build A Bear Workshop! Despite my sickies (strep throat and a stomach bug..ugh) I managed to pack us all up and head to the mall so she could build a bear. She chose the Red White And Blue bear, complete with a gymnastics leotard, warm up suit, an American flag, and a gold medal. Hmmm....I wonder why she chose a gymnastics outfit? LOL! As my bumper sticker reads, "Life is.....Never daughter is a gymnast..I have no life!" And she paid tribute to our country by naming the cute teddy...*America*.

So here's hoping for an awesome year in Kindergarten with the best student any teacher could ever ask for....!