Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Guess who scored 56 on reading? That means she is now reading on a 5th grade level!!

We're so proud of her!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Worlds Most Gullible Husband

If only there were such an award, Ryan would certainly win it! Yesterday was April Fools and Maddy and I got him over and over again! It was priceless!

We have a sink attachment for the bathroom sink. It's a whale that slips over the faucet and you can hold it's "flap" shut and the water will shoot up out of the hole on top of the whale, like a water fountain. If you close the flap all the way, the water will shoot pretty high. So, I put tape on the flap to completely close it. Hiding back laughter, I asked Ryan if he could check the water pressure in the bathroom because it wasn't that strong. Of course, he turns it on full blast to check the "pressure". When he did, water shot out everywhere, and Maddy and I ran downstairs to get away in case he were to have something up his sleeve for payback. Little did I know, that our trick was better than we planned it to be, because when we saw him again, his pants were soaked from the crotch to the knee, in a perfect line streaming down his pants! Ha!!

If that weren't bad enough, we got him again just 5 minutes after the first trick. Luckily, Maddy was doing school work so we pretended to do an experiment in the kitchen. We took 2 paper cups and filled them to the top with water. We were in there pretending to try to balance one cup on our hand. Maddy asked him to come into the kitchen to see if he could try to balance 2 cups, one on each hand. He fell for it! So, we helped him put both cups on his hands, and then walked away! He had no other choice but to spill the cups of water to get them off of his hands! Trick number 2 a success!

Trick number 3 was not as successful as the first two. I pretended that there was a bug in our living room so I grabbed a paper towel and chased the "bug". Once I caught the "bug", Maddy said, "Oh let me see!" With Ryan watching, she picked the bug off of the paper towel and ate it! No, I did not let her eat a real bug. It was the best kind of bug...a chocolate one! ; ) He wasn't the least bit amused by that one. But that's all right, because Maddy and I got a kick out of it atleast. We thought our tricks were doomed. He had finally caught on to what we were doing. What fun would it be when we couldn't trick him anymore. We almost lost hope. But then Mr. Lyons called and left a message!

I asked him if he had seen the note I left for him while he was in the shower. I showed it to him and told him that Mr. Lyons had called to see about getting some computer help. He called the number I had left for him, and then he said, "Greenville Zoo??" You can just imagine the hysterical pee-your-pants kind of laughter that followed! That was probably my favorite trick of the day! I tried to come up with a good first name for Mr. Lyons. I thought about Harry, but Harry Lyons..well, you get the picture!

I can't WAIT until 4-1-11! I have a few things up my sleeve already. I can already predict that Mr. Behr will be calling for computer help next year!