Friday, May 30, 2008

Desperate for a husband!

We're gonna have to lock our daughter up NOW and throw away the key! I thought I'd share our conversation as we were driving home from Church Wednesday night....

Maddy: "I whispered into Katy's ear that I had a boyfriend and his name is Tucker. Katy told me that Tucker couldn't be my boyfriend, cause she is gonna marry Tucker."

Me: "Well, you don't have to be thinking of that right now anyhow."

Maddy: "I wish Katy would marry her brother, because *I* want to marry Tucker!! I'm gonna whisper in Tucker's ear on Sunday and ask him if he wants to marry me or Katy."

Me: "If you do that and Tucker says Katy, don't get upset, because he might change his mind later."

Maddy: "I won't get upset. But I'll let him know that I'll give him two weeks to change his mind and in two weeks, he better say he'd rather marry ME!"

Me: "You've got a long time before you get married. Why are you worrying about it now?"

Maddy: "Cause I want to know that Tucker is mine! But, whoever I marry, I am NOT having kids!"