Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Time!!

In reverse order.... Baby Tweety with a mask on. Well, somewhat..haha!
Scooping out the guts. This is her 1st time ever touching the insides. She's always been afraid of the insides..LOL!

Maddy and me : )

Maddy washing the pumpkin.

Last night we carved our pumpkin. I waited till the last minute to buy our pumpkin, so the choices were limited. I don't know why I waited...maybe it's because dragging two kids to the store is more difficult than dragging one out.

Last night for supper, we had mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in croissants), Frankenstein fingers (french fries), witches hats (peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss in the middle), and Dracula's blood (aka..fruit punch)!

Maddy insisted that she wash the pumpkin before carving it because it was "dirty." She wanted an original pumpkin face with triangle eyes, nose, and a mouth. Ryan has carved some pretty neat pumpkins before, so he talked her into doing a Tweety face instead. He drew it on the pumpkin and then worried how he would carve it out..LOL! I have to say, I was a bit skeptical halfway through carving, because it didn't look like Tweety at all. It turned out to be okay, though. The way he carved it makes it look like Tweety is wearing a mask. I'm just glad he carved it instead of me, because I can't carve a pumpkin to save my life! By the time I get done with typical faces, you can't tell an eye from a nose!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lucky Ducks!

The YMCA had their annual Halloween Party tonight. I don't believe in luck, but if I did, I'd say we were the luckiest people around! Maddy won twice at the cake walk, BooBoo won 3rd place in the costume contest, Ryan won the candy corn guessing game, and I won a raffle! We got two t-shirts, a ton of candy, free Firehouse sub, free car wash, free day of play at Partee Time, a water bottle, a Bible, and a free week of summer day camp at the Y! I fully intend on using the day camp! : )

BooBoo won't be Eeyore for Halloween this year afterall. I let Maddy talk me into buying her a Tinkerbell costume to match hers, so now we have big Tink and baby Tink! Both of them are so cute in their costumes! I'll post a pic's been a long night!

I had to share some funny things Maddy said today....

She is such a big helper and she was feeding E her lunch while I got Maddy's lunch ready. She said that her jar of baby food stank! I said, "It's got peaches, bananas, and apples in it." Maddy said, "No matter it stinks...whew!!"

While she was eating, she looked over on the bakers rack and said, "We have a book called Fix It Yourself." I said, "That's daddys book." She said, "Well why doesn't he use it??" Yeah Ryan, she's telling on you!!!! I said, "What does he need to fix?" She said, "The TV!" ((Our TV went out last week..ahh!!)) I told her that the book tells you how to fix things like floors, walls, electrical outlets, etc. I must not have made myself clear because she said, "What's a vegetable outlet?"
It's never a boring moment at our place!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Funny Princesses

Lunch is ready!!

Maddy has two friends over to play this morning since their mom had a meeting. I am cracking up at the sounds coming from the next room over......

They are making Snow White and her prince get married in the castle, and they are doing it up big! They're making invitations for the wedding and everything. So, here are some things coming from the playroom....

"You know, you have to get married to have a baby. Let's get our princess married to her prince so they can make lots of children!"

"Yeah, her leg broke off. That's okay, cause she'll be a one-legged bride."

"I have one naked princess. Let's pretend that this boy and this girl stole her clothes and that's why she's naked!"

Sweet little Rebekah needed a piece of paper to make an invitation, so she came to me and said, "I need a page."

"We need to go wash up all this ink on our hands." UH OH!! Better go check on them now!
From little Rebekah: "Let's pretend the sink is a horsey with water in his mouth and that's where the water is coming from." From the other two girls: "EEEEWWW!!!"

Well, it's lunch time, and I've got three hungry princesses and one sick tiny princess that will be waking up any minute now, so I'd better get lunch ready before these princesses work their magic and turn me into a toad! Looks like I better make a yummy lunch cause I just heard..

"Let's have a gymnastics contest and whoever does the best gets the yummiest lunch!"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

All for a bag of grapes!

This has been the day from doom! I could have said a lot worse, but I'll try to choose my words nicely! : )

I'll spare you all the details on how I tried my best to clean my house today with a "one step forward, two step back" process, or how my foster baby girl's sweet personality is missing somewhere and we haven't found it yet! Or how she had somehow managed to pull 4 diapers off her changing table while still in her crib and attempted to eat them when she was supposed to be napping! Or, the fact that it is 11pm and my stomach's growling because I didn't have time to stop and breathe today...let alone eat!

So I dropped Maddy off at gymnastics and told her that I was gonna go to Bilo and Kmart and I'd be back to pick her up when her class ended. She's finally old enough that I can do that now! I told her that if for any reason I wasn't back exactly when her class ended, to go into the playroom and wait for me. She said, "Well, can you be late, please?! I want you to be late every time so I can play in the playroom with the beanbags!" Yeah, um...thanks so much, Maddy!

I went to Bilo with 4 things on my list to buy: Sirloin tips for tomorrow's special home-cooked meal that I promised my husband, rolls, a tomato, and a cucumber. While I was walking toward the meat department I realized I needed dog food, so I almost threw my already hurting back out lifting the bag in the cart. Once I reached the meat department, I saw that they had everything covered in plastic! Everything! All meats, all refrigerated items, eggs, milk..everything. I figured something had gone wrong, so I kept on going to the produce department. While I was in that area, I noticed their grapes were on sale for 99 cent a pound, but it was just the white seedless ones. The original price and all the rest of them were $2.99/pound. I picked up a bag and headed to the check-out. The lady rang up my groceries and I noticed that the grapes rang up $2.99/pound, so I questioned her about it whenever she told me the total. The total was $13 and some change. She got a girl to run back to the grapes to make sure they were on sale for 99 cent/lb, and sure enough...I was right! Go figure! So the girl adjusted the price and my total now is....$13 and some change! Now had I not recently become a nitty-gritty bargain grocery shopper, I would have paid, taken my bags and my shy self, and left. But, with the price of everything going up these days, I had to question it. I'm getting brave as I get older I guess..LOL! Or maybe it's just that I don't care anymore, but with the 2 pounds of grapes I got, that equals $4 more than I should have had to pay, and maybe I want to buy my girl a Happy Meal tomorrow..LOL! So, I asked the lady (very nicely might I add) why I'm getting the same total give or take a few cent, when they just did a price adjustment. She tried to show me my receipt, but if you've ever tried to figure out a Bilo receipt, it will take all day!

She called the manager over there, and all I wanted to know was why I'm getting the same total even though they adjusted the price from $2.99 to .99! He must have been in a foul mood, because he then jerks all of my things out of my cart, jerks them out of my bags, and throws his hands up before he starts to re-ring everything up! OMG!!! The baby was crying by this point because she was so tired and I am livid! Why do people do things like this when they're supposed to be there to please the customer?! Well, sure enough, after re-checking everything out, my total was.....$13 and some change! Apparently, the lady didn't scan something the first time around, which was why I got the same total (give or take a few cent) I did the first time...when my grapes were $2.99! Boy did I feel like the biggest idiot on the planet when he told me my total! I was embarrassed, mad, hurt, but I paid for my things, and got out of there as fast as I could! I'm sure they laughed me all the way home!

So now I've got a hurt back (darn dogs!), crushed pride, NO meat, a tomato, a cucumber, 2 packs of sweet rolls, and a bag of grapes that scream at me everytime I open the refrigerator! I don't know that I can even eat these grapes now because of what they have caused me! Maybe I can try to crush them and make some good wine, cause I sure could use a good glass right now!

Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering why everything was covered in plastic, it was because their power got shut off and they were running on back up generators and they wanted to keep all of their refrigerated stuff cool! Serves them right, the ol' suckers!

Don't worry though, Maddy'll still get your Happy Meal tomorrow, cause mommy will want a burger tomorrow for lunch. Lucky you, sweet girl! LOL!